The types of people that you should always avoid

While going through my morning dose of catching up I got this post on Quora (your really should delete your facebook account and join this platform) that I felt I had to share.


There are 3 types of people that I tend to avoid as best as possible because they suck me dry of all my positivity, motivation and work ethic:
Blamers, Thinkers, and Settlers.

People who do not take responsibility for their lives. These people are like negativity magnets. Whenever something bad happens to them it is always the world who is at fault. It is never them, they just have a shitty life and they cannot do anything about it. These people are known as “Blamers”, always blaming some other event, person or thing for their misfortune.

These people tend to waste their entire life in the same job, are always stressed, angry or depressed, and never even think about making their life better because they do not think they have that kind of power.

The only thing they talk about is what happened to them. They will talk about all the crazy things that happened to them on the weekend, talk about past events that happened years back that happened to them and will rarely talk about what they did that was amazing.

Avoid these people or run the risk of you becoming their next scapegoat.

People who are too critical and never try new things. The “Thinkers” are people that always try to reason everything out before they ever start doing anything, to such a point where they logically explain it the way that sounds best to them.

Thinkers will take everything they heard and everything that sounds reasonable to tell you why they cannot take responsibility for their lives or make their life better. These people are very dangerous because they are exactly what society wants.

If they hear it often enough, or if they cannot reason anything else, they will not believe it. Period. And it is hard to get them to change their minds as their beliefs are usually very ingrained and firm. Most of those beliefs come from things they have no knowledge of, and of a fear based mindset.

Avoid these people because their logic will sound reasonable and it masks the laziness, apathy and depressed feelings they have inside quite well. Your parents are probably among them as they do not believe you can do it because they do not know about it.

Thinkers are dangerous because they seem to make great points but do so without any actual knowledge of what they are talking about! Meaning all their points are only right by chance.

People who do not seek to improve themselves. These people are just lazy, apathetic and selfish. They will not improve themselves not for lack of power, but just because it is too much work and they would rather give up.

These are known as “Settlers”, as they will always settle for “good enough” and never for anything more. Settlers are better than Blamers because they at least admit that they could do something, but they just choose not to, which is an excuse for living an easy life and not doing the extra work to make their life great, making them the most selfish people on the planet.

Settlers will always find excuses not to try and to avoid going for something unknown. This comes from a fear that they may not be good enough, may not make it, or will lack the motivation. All of that comes from the belief that they are not good enough.

Avoid these people or help them, but do not get sucked into their own self-pity that they portray. This mix of selfishness and low self-confidence is a very dangerous mixture that is like a vortex that sucks you in. Avoid them if you can!

Footnote: Apparently the gender debate isn’t dying soon as it’s controlled twitter for the past three days. Do check out my opinion on it here.


A Letter from an outraged mother to the students’ dean of all university

I intended to put up a post about our country’s security moreso after the recent presidential parastatal appointments and while sampling opinions on everyday social media platforms, I came across this totally of the book but hilarious post by Ericoh Wuod Kendubay on facebook and knew I had to share it here. One thing I lerant from it; life is never that serious, losen up a bit.

Dear Mr. Dean,
I found your name on the cover page
of some green book she carried home. I
believe you are the Headteacher over
there at Main Campus University. I’ve
decided to write you this letter, I am
Mama Atieno.
Bwana Dean, since Atieno closed for
her 1st year holiday, she has been
behaving different. A lot has changed
in her. The whole village knows my
daughter is back from the University.
Bwana Dean, Atieno nags a lot when I
send her to the kitchen. She no longer
wants to light the jiko outside, all she
sings is “COIL”. Bwana Dean, what is
coil? My daughter only wants to cook on
coil. She praises it every day.
Dean I tell you. Atieno is acting
strange. Atis nowadays falls on
everyone’s chest. She calls it “aag”,
“hag” or I don’t know “hurg”? Yes,
hug! Today she fell on her father’s
chest after returning from the
market. Bwana Dean that is a taboo
here! She’s even falling on boys’
chests, including her brothers too; hug
here, hug there! Yawa! Nyathini biro
kelo CHIRA e dalani. She will bring
ancestral curses to this home.
Mr. Dean (I hope you are Mr/Mrs).
What is “PIRATING” and “EXILE”? Atis
is spoiling the heads of my children.
She talks a lot about those two books. I
don’t know whether they are books
anyway, but she praises them a lot and
always says she’s involved in them.
Lastly, she talks too much about
somebody called HELB. This guy called
HELB is spoiling my daughter. Helb
himself has bought for her a WOOFER,
CARPET, LAPTOP and gikmakamago!
Courtesy of Helb, Atieno is now anti-
social; she’s always glued to that
phone that does not have buttons. She
constantly wipes the screen, touches it
a lot and says she’s on WHATSAPP!
Whatsapp manade to nyathini owinjo
bed ni ruo nyuka nyathi ma
godhiambo! Nkt!
Ne! Iwinjo Bwana Dean, that boy
called Helb will know me when I come
there. Whatever his name is, HELB
ODHIAMBO, I’m coming. Let me finish
with the preparations for Obama’s
home coming kwanza.
I didn’t tell you that the same boy,
Helb, has bought Atieno some clothes
which embarrass me every day. Atieno
wears very long black socks that extend
to her thighs and goes to the market
with it. She calls it fashion. This tight
thing she calls “tights” has made all
sorts of boys hover around my fence
every evening; they all want to see
Manyna wuoyi miluongo ni Helb no, ka
koro mar oyuma kamano!
Lelo Nyachula
1st Wife Dala Kobwanda
(Mama Atieno)

p.s I’ll get back to my previous post tonight.