Alpha Beggars; Informed Chauvinist

Male MPs gang up to deny women campaign funding. I knew I had to hear how Capital FM’s Eunia (am hoping I got that right. Not important though) Amunga would expound on this headline from the moment I had it briefed. It sounded like the male MPs grabbed women’s campaign kitty fund and looted all that was in it. You must have formed that image too. Don’t lie. To yourself.

You must therefore understand my amusement when I learnt that all Duale and Co were doing was saying no to an unfair start in a race. Here’s a brief of what happened: The female legistlators were driving a bill in the House that would force their respective political parties to fund their campaigns failure to which the parties would face punitive consequences. The men saw this as funding their competitors and give them (women) an edge over themselves. It’s like buying a full nitro before a race in Asphalt. Even you missus looking at me with that face laden with incredulity would understand that Duale and Co were only looking out for themselves as politicians (or conniving businessmen as in the case with our political leaders but that’s a story for another day). They weren’t looking at their female counterparts for what they were sexually but seeing them for who they were; whom they represented- competition. And in no world (whether ridden by Donald J Trump, quidditch or Klingon ) would you find a person ready to let the competition have a better start. Of course unless it’s out of contempt and disbelief in the competitions abilities and success. As it turns out the male legislators and men in general including yours truly believe that women have as good a chance as they in whatever they partake to and any uplift in their (women’s) race is nothing short of cheating.

I believe in not just women empowerment but gender equality too. If you’re going to say that a woman has just as much ability as or even more than (as I’ve heard insinuated and iterated on more times than I’ve cared to count) a man then you need to give both a fair shot in a competition. An equal platform. A level ground. Ok you get the idea. And by the way what is it with women always screaming how much they are the key to societal development, family upbringing and everything else that is intended to imply supremacy over men yet ditch that reasoning whenever confronted with a competition an like , again, equal platform.

If I was a woman  I’d be insulted by the two-third Gender Rule because it gives me stuff more easily like I’m some  charity case that’s begging for handouts. Like i can’t achieve anything on my own unless the competition is kept in restraints like a pitbull.  If men are as threatening competition as pitbull then for Pete’s sake be as cunning as a fox.


Editor’s note (man fancies titles)

I grew up in a very large family. The ratio of males to females in our household is 1:4. Just so you don’t start mentioning my hardworking mothers’ names or very intelligent sisters.


Once in a while it hits me that there is this child of mine I gave to on the internet two years ago and I don’t give it as much love as a parent should give their child to avoid future parental issues. So I step in here and upset a few souls then sink back into my hellhole called life.


The Ailment that is Youth Unemployment and What it means to the Stabilityof Kenya

The Ailment that is Youth Unemployment and What it means to the Stabilityof Kenya

I came across this post by Mwangi wa Maina, an officer at SONU, and knew I had to repost it on my blog because of its simplicity in analyzing youth unemployment and how it derails the stability of our nation and posses a major threat to our security and economical development. Recently, it was revealed that the AL Shabaab lures our young people first through the promise of good pay and I don’t think I can blame them at this initial point. I mean someone promises you a job and you have nothing else on your hands why wouldn’t you take it? Anyway, here is the piece by Du Bois (Mwangi’s alias)


I spent my Saturday with lawyer friend of mine at a village in Kiambu.At one point in our strolling,a thought struck me and we decided to play agents of a recruiting firm looking for some young men to join a lucratively rewarding firm whose details were to be disclosed upon arrival at Juba ,Sudan.We were looking for 25 young energetic and hardworking men of the age 18-29 years old.The company we were recruiting for was to offer 1000USD per month after successful training.

What came to us a shocker was that out of the 16 young men we made the offer to;11 were ready to pack the next day .Their only concern was that they would miss the opportunity if we were not going to facilitate their transport.

That confirmed our hypothesis;our young men are willing to do anything for food on the table.This was just a simple random survey and you will agree with me that the case is not isolated.It was very probable that had we approached youths from Siaya or Nandi ,figures would still have played at that locus.

Bringing me to my point tonight:Our young people have minimal access to economic opportunities and this situation of economic exclusion has served to make them extremely prone to exploitation by anyone with an vendetta against our future as a nation.
What We Know

1.That the Ministry of Devolution formulated a National Employment Policy which was to ensure that all investments in the country provide a certain level of jobs for our youths.Was the policy even approved by parliament or was it a mere PR gimmick by Ms Waiguru?

2.The government set asides Sh200 billion worth of government tenders for the youth every year but blames the youths on low absorption rates.Do these contracts actually benefit the young people of this nation?

Moving forward,

The government must move fast to correct this sad trajectory.It must efficiently mobilize and allocate appropriate taxes in viable projects aimed at curbing unemployment.It is worth noting that the current number of Kenyans between 18-35 years stands at 16 million while the rate of youth unemployment(Willing but unable to secure work) is at 17.1% and rising.

As i have said here and elsewhere,unemployment should be declared a threat to national security;a severe threat than that posed by Al shabaab.

I am Mwangi Wa Maina.

p.s I know I have lots of explanations to give because of my four month silence. I’ll do that some other time because I can’t promise you that am fully back. Let’s just discuss this issue first.